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Ham Museum

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The Museo del Jamón (Ham Museum) was born in Madrid, on August 1978, founded by the brothers Mr. Luis and Mr. Francisco Muñoz Heras, the first restaurant opened was located in the Paseo del Prado.


The best name for these establishments was Museo del Jamón (Ham Museum), next to the Air Museum and the Prado Museum. They were the first thematic restaurants of Spain, because in their walls were represented what was and is eaten, cured hams from all the regions of Spain. Brothers Muñoz Heras, creators and owners of this chain of restaurants, already had a wide charcuterie network in the south of Madrid, so there is a huge 50 years experience that supports us in the food market.


Afterwards, they were opened for all areas of Madrid such as Atocha Street, in the well-known Gran Vía and in the centrally situated Alcalá Street… nowadays with more than ten restaurants spread for throughout Madrid.