28014, Madrid, Calle de Jovellanos, 4
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Contact phone: +34 915 24 54 00
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Zarzuela Theater

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Ever since its creation the Teatro de La Zarzuela -in the same way as the Opéra-Comique in Paris and the Volksoper in Vienna- has been a meeting point for several generations of audiences and for all those who are attracted to Spanish culture.


The inauguration, on 10 October 1856, the birthday of Queen Isabella II, featured works by Arrieta, Asenjo Barbieri, Carnicer, Gaztambide and Hernando. The original decoration of the building was commissioned to the painters Francisco Hernández Tomé and Manuel Castellanos, who carried out a magnificent project that was displayed mainly on the ceiling of the hall. Those paintings, however, eventually disappeared as a result of several refurbishing works and reforms.


Theatre is the representative par excellence of the musical legacy of Spain. La Zarzuela has always been faithful to its principle of being a Theatre fit for a genre. So ends this short history of the first and only theatre built specifically for the Spanish operetta, La Zarzuela, which soon will be completing its first one hundred and fifty years of life.