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El Petiro Park

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El Retiro Park is part of the city´s historical heritage and botanical patrimony inherited from past centuries. Once a recreation area for the Royal Family, it has become a very popular park and is central to the city´s image.
El Retiro park which has come down to us today features a large statue of Alfonso XII, in the place where the old pier used in Felipe IV’s time used to stand, hovering over the pond.
Throughout its history, the park has boasted a number of whimsical structures whose existence was solely for the amusement of the passerby.
As in any self respecting park the Buen Retiro has its share of beautifully designed fountains. This Madrid park is home to the only monument to the devil that exists in the whole world. Set amidst the waters of the Fountain of the Fallen Angel it represents the moment when Lucipher is expulsed from Paradise, a work of art that was the creative brainchild of Rocardo Bellver.
The Galápagos fountain was created to honour the birth of Isabel II, and is also one of the more notable artistic works in the park.
In the Plaza de Honduras, there is another fountain that is also quite popular among Madrilenios. It represents an allegory of Spring, made up of one tier on which there is a Triton and a Water Nymph along with Madrid’s official shield. Children hold up the platter bearing the artichoke.