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The Queen´s Square

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Opposite the Cathedral is the Queen Square (Plaza de la Reina). In the past, there was a narrow street called Saragossa that linked the small Queen Square with the Baroque door of the Cathedral. That street was one of the busiest ones in the old Valencia. This street remained till 1931 when the Queen's Square began to be extended. It was officially inaugurated as Queen's Square in the 1970 Fallas festivity.


The Queen´s Square is one of the busiest and crowded places of the city of Valencia. It brings together, among others, the streets Micalet, Pau, Avellanes, the Sea of Cabillers, San Vicente and Santa Catalina Martir. In addition, the Queen´s Square is the kilometer zero of the radial roads of Valencia jurisdiction.


At the same time it is a pleasant green square behind. There are lots of orange laden trees in the middle. It is surrounded by a variety of interesting eating establishments.