08013, Barcelona, Plaça Gaudí
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«Sagrada Família»
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Plaza de Gaudí

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Alongside magnificent Sagrada Familia in Barcelona there is small and rather meager square that received its name from famous Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. Fabulous orchards that can be seen on this square were in fact the last project of another outstanding architect Nicolao Rubio-y-Tuduri. Incidentally, this square occupies 8000 square meters the majority of which are covered with green groove. This place is sheer oasis amidst bustling city, roads and crowds of people – that is why it is particularly bellowed by the locals. Initially this square was conceived as a space specifically aimed for those who would like to gaze on the magnificent church, trees and the landscape. In the middle of the square there is a huge pond that occupies 3000 square meters. According to the designer’s thought the water of the pond was to reflect Sagrada Familia. In the year 1983 on this square was opened a monument to Nicolao Rubio, it happened two years after the famous architect had died.   

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