08002, Barcelona, Plaza de George Orwell
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Telephone: +34 93 272 64 90 Mo-Su.
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Plaza de George Orwell

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Plaça George Orwell is one ofthe most interesting squares in Barcelona's Barrio Gotico, named after the British writer who penned Homage to Catalonia. The square has some good bars, a controversial sculpture and an enjoyably seedy, libertine vibe. Also known as La Plaça Tripi - the acid square - an allusion of its reputation for civic decadence, the square throws up an interesting incongruity; it's named in George Orwell's honour, but for years a security camera has been mounted on the wall right next to the plaque with the writer's name. Very Big Brother, very 1984. Orwell himself fought in Barcelona during the Civil War. In the middle of the square there's a highly unusual example of public art by the sculptor Leandre Cristòfol. There are also a couple of bars that have legendary status with the Bohemian crowd. Decorated with odd maps and cool lighting, Bahia attracts a very eclectic crowd and is always entertaining. Opposite on the other side of the square, Oviso has an alternative flavour, fun murals and a lively terrace.

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